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Hey guys, so I wanted to wrap-up for now about my blog and the topic I choose for a class I’m taking at Texas State. Together, we have learned about some pretty awesome music festivals and without this blog, I probably would not have come across them. I am looking into buying tickets at some point for all the ones I have mentioned like ACL, Euphoria, TomorrowWorld and more. Though, these may be pretty pricy, I still plan on maybe asking for a little money for Christmas just so I can put it towards these.

The experiences you get when attending these festivals is so memorable. Just from being able to go to ACL for one day last year, I remember being able to see some of my favorite DJs, Zedd and Calvin Harris. I already know my experience for Lights All Night is going to be amazing because of who is playing but most of all the people I will be sharing this event with!

This semester, while doing this blog, I have learned some really cool new things, such as making an app. Using that app tool was really cool because it was simple and you could make it look like however you wanted it to. Another tool we used was a photo-editing site called Pixlr that was FREE! I use that site all the time now, to make my photos have words or cool backgrounds. I really love apps like that. We also learned how to code our own website. While that was extremely difficult to learn, I know it will be very beneficial to know how to do someday!


So far, my blog has received 50 views and 23 visitors. My best day received 6 views and that was on November 23rd (which was on my birthday :)). Thank you everyone who came to see what I had to say!



New Findings!

Hey you guys! So, I have been browsing through some festivals and have come across three that I would love to attend! Euphoria, TomorrowWorld and Ultra Music Festival are the three that have blown me away just from looking them up. Euphoria sounds like it would be pretty awesome! You can camp there over night, so that you don’t miss a thing. It seems to be very  much like other music festivals, except the pictures from it looks like you would get a pretty unique light show.

TomorrowWorld, I don’t even know where to begin. This place looks magical! A friend of mine showed me a what the tickets come in and I just had to show you guys! TomorrowWorld3This place just from pictures reminds me of a castle. The EDM scene there seems amazing and I would love for the opportunity to attend this beast of a festival! hah. I have been introduced to so many new festivals, these three seem to best fit my favorite scene.

My last “new” festival that I am interest in going to is Ultra Music Festival. My boyfriend and I listened to the ENTIRE set on TV live. We had a view friends there and hoped to see them on TV as well, but the some of my favorite DJs that I mention in previous post were there this past year like Hardwell. This festival also takes place over Spring Break in Miami. One of the best times and places to be doing what you love.

Oh yeah! And side note, since today is my birthday, my mom told me that she would pay for my Lights All Night ticket as my gift! YAY! Almost ONE month away! 🙂

Tonight’s Festivities :)

matt and ashleigh

Hey guys! I thought I would do something a little different and talk about what I’m doing tonight since it’s music related! A couple of friends and I are going to see Andrew Bayer at a venue in Austin called V Lounge. I am actually pretty excited about it because we have a friend coming into town that goes to Texas Tech whom we haven’t seen in awhile, and then a new friend from school that I’ve made will also be there.

Andrew Bayer is a new artist that I will be seeing, and like I mention before, I love going to shows even if I’m not 100% familiar with the DJ. I have definitely heard songs by Andrew, but I have never seen him live before. To me, it seems like seeing anyone live is way better and more fun anyways!

Also, update on Lights All Night. We are just short of two months away and I can not wait to start the count down. I have found out that some new friends from school are going to Lights All Night as well, and obviously the more people you know, the better. I do need some help from my viewer though! I need some suggestions on what to wear to my first big out of Austin festival! Comment blow and help me out PLEASE! 🙂

My Journey Through College

Below is a video of my journey through college. My time in college has been a bit of a roller coaster considering I have been to three different colleges (Blinn College, Sam Houston State University and Texas State University). I wouldn’t change a thing about the decisions I have made though. I learned new things from each place that I attended and met some pretty great people along the way. However, I am not afraid to admit that Texas State University is my favorite university thus far and I will be graduating from there in the Spring of 2016! YAY!

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Get Connected With Your Favorite Artist

Music festivals are so much fun to go to, but finding them could be difficult. Usually, when determining which festival you want to attend, you wonder who will be playing there. I have come up with the idea of making an app to help solve all your problems! All you have to do is know your name, city or zip code and whom you would love to see play live.

Basically, once you enter those three easy facts, you will enter the greatest app out there. While my app wasn’t designed fully how I pictured it (still learning how to make it pretty) the events or festivals would pop up and tell you when and where your artist will be playing. You can “follow” that artist so that all their dates and locations will automatically inform you that they will be there.

I used an app builder website to help me create this app. It was called With this app, you can add anything from pictures and videos to action based bottoms where you swipe or double tap to enter the next page. I hope this idea helps limit your time on the web searching and searching for you favorite artist and you are just automatically informed about which events they will be at.

app 1                    app 2

Fellow Classmates

(Stevie, Kassy, Hardwell, Jesse, Jodie)
(Stevie, Kassy, Hardwell, Jesse, Jodie)

A fellow classmate of mine is writing their blog about EDM music! This is pretty awesome because I have been talking to you guys about some of my favorite EMD music and festivals to go to. My favorite Jesus Garica’s blog is that he mentions the top DJs as being Hardwell and Tiesto! As I mentioned before, Hardwell is one of my favorite DJs, but I definitely left out Tiesto. Tiesto has some great songs and just recently I was able to go to a concert in downtown Austin that played some of his songs.

I do have to say, I am super jealous that Jesus got to see Tiesto live. That sounds ah-ma-zing!! Tiesto works with Martin Garrix which is a younger DJ that produces remixes of popular songs. Matthew Koma, another young DJ, plays Tiesto’s song in Austin and I was giving the opportunity to see that concert as well.

Jesus states that his number 3 top favorite DJ is Carnage. I haven’t heard of that DJ yet, but I am willing to look them up and become familiar with him. Learning new music and people to follow or listen to is always a fun experience. Being that I’m new at all this, I have decided to go into the music world open minded and willing to research any new musician or DJ that someone recommends.

My Favorite Artists


Above & Beyond has become a one of my favorite artists. They are made up of three men; Jono Grant, Paavo Siljamaki and Tony McGuinness. Their talent to produce a Trance music is unbelievable!! I was actually able to see them live for the first time this past March at the Austin Music Hall and I was amazed. Above & Beyond is known for their huge EDM label called Angubeats and their podcast called Group Therapy. They are also a world renown music group that performs at festivals such as, Lights All Night, Ultra Music Festival and many more.

Zedd is another one of my favorite EDM DJs. He was at ACL in 2014 and I was able to go that single day that he was there! He is one of my favorites because he does remakes popular songs that are a hit at that specific time. He really knows how to get a crowd on their feet and dancing to his songs. My favorite song of his is called I Want You To Know featuring Selena Gomez. The song is very unique and that’s what his fans love about him.

Not only are these two artists the greatest, but they are great in their own different, unique ways. EDM music and festivals are kind of an acquired taste. Either you like them or you don’t, but promise me, you’ll at least give them a try and they shouldn’t let you down! If you ever need recommendations on what festivals go to go, help finding them perhaps, or just want to get into the love for music, you can just comment below and I’ll help a sista or brotha out! 🙂

Festivals I want to go to

Zilker Park during ACL
Zilker Park during ACL

Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about my top festivals that I have been dying to go to! Like I said before, this is a new interest for me, so I have not personally been most of these yet, but I would love your feedback if you have! First, I would love to attend Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin at some point. I’ve heard so many great things about that music festival. Fun Fun Fun Fest seems like a music festival that you could never get bored at, not because of the name :), but because they have so many artist going that it would almost be hard to limit yourself.

My next festival would have to be South by Southwest (SXSW). I have been to this festival a few times actually and of course my favorite part is the music portion. They have 2 other portions, which are film and interactive. SXSW is help in downtown Austin and the great thing about this one is that some of the shows are FREE!!! Isn’t that great?!? My favorite show I’ve seen so far was called Bright Light Social Hour.

My last but not least (for today) festival that I would love to attend is Austin City Limits (ACL). I have been to this one as well, but I don’t like to consider it because it was only for one day of the 6 that austin hosts. This music festival is at Zilker Park and I got to see some of my favorite bands/DJs. Zedd and Calvin Harris are two of my favorite DJs because of the remixes they do with great songs. They were there on Sunday of weekend one and I had a blast! Another band that I was able to see was Phantogram! They are a band that I started listening to for the past year and a half and I personally think they are great. 🙂

Exciting News :)


Hey guys! Today I want to talk about the music festival that I will be attending at the end of this year. LIGHTS ALL NIGHT!  I’ve had my ticket since the day they went on sale and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Lights All Night is one of the biggest EDM music festivals held in Dallas, TX.

Ever since I started getting more into music, I’ve wanted to see live shows. The only festival I have been to so far is Austin City Limits, and it was only for one day. If you don’t know what ACL is, it is THE biggest music festival that Austin holds in early October every year. Before last year, ACL was just a music festival that cost so much money to attend, but I heard Phantogram, Zedd, and Calvin Harris were going to be there and freaked out. These are all DJ’s in which have performed at Lights All Night in previous years. However, I have some wonderful news. The line up just came out for the 2015 festival and Hardwell is one of the headlines!! Hardwell, if you don’t know who that is, is ranked the #1 DJ.

The other exciting detail about this festival is that it happens to fall on the 2 most exciting days of the year, New Years Eve and New Years day!! WHAT!?! I’m going to be with some great friends, but one in particular says he’s most excited about seeing Kaskade, Matt Warnken said.